Yoga Nidra


Nidra is a system of meditative yogic sleep therapy. As such it is designed to soothe the central nervous system, calm the mind and ease the body.

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What is Yoga Nidra

Drawing upon Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) yoga Nidra doesn’t include yoga movement but instead combines a healing body scan, breath awareness and mantra to help you to reach a state of relaxed awareness all whilst snuggled under your favourite blanket!

Move into stillness

Generally, prior to Nidra, the brain is in an active stage of Beta waves. The practice helps you to transition slowly and allows the brain to press pause which takes the brain into an Alpha state, the brain wave frequency that links conscious thought with the subconscious mind.


How Yoga Nidra works

& why it's right for you

Serotonin is released when the brain is in Alpha – relaxed but aware. From here, the mind experiences ease and the body responds by moving into stillness. As we delve deeper into tranquillity, the brain emits delta waves, mimicking what happens when we enter a deep restful sleep.

Yoga Nidra benefits

Find more freedom and detachment from unhelpful thoughts patterns, habits and stress with this guided meditation. Improve sleep, soothe anxiety, and encourage feelings of rest and ease. It’s even better after hatha yoga!

Nidra classes - Oswestry

I host a monthly evening pop up class at Open Space Studios. 

Frequently asked questions

You are nivted to lay or sit down. There are no yoga postures in this guided meditation. 

Not all all, Providing you can lay on the floor or sit in a chair, there’s no requirement to be flexible. 

Yes, Nidra is perfect for those with no prior knowledge or experience in meditation.  

Wear your comfiest of clothing and bring your favourite blanket and cozy socks. Mats, blankets, blocks and chairs can be provided but you’re welcome to bring your own. 

60 minutes. The actual nidra is 45 mins but the remaining time is yours to settle in. You are welcome to turn up 15 minutes early too.