not just a work-out it's a work-in too!

Yoga for every body...

Created for the busy souls who needs to re-connect & ground their mind & body in a safe & warm environment. Yoga classes in Llangollen are gentle & make use of props, affirmations, guided visualisations & meditations to ease you effortlessly in & out of yoga practice.


Please note due to Convid-19 all classes have been suspended. They will resume online shortly.

Yoga Classes

Postponed until further notice – coming online soon

Intro to Hatha Yoga (spring inspired)

Wednesday at 7.8.30pm

Verve Health

First session FREE

£28 for 4x pre-booked sessions

All equipment provided

Tailored to You

Seasonal Inspired

Slow in pace

1-2-1 Private Yoga

Ideal for those who:

-Feel too self conscious for a class

-Have a specific area they want help on

-Would like a refresher before going back to class

All 1-2-1 sessions must be pre-booked & are available weekends & weekday evenings from the Verve health centre in Llangollen


Please call Chelsea on  01691 718 918

Yoga at Verve Health Llangollen
What happens at a yoga class?

Every yoga class varies according to the teacher. In a Loving Life in Wellies class you’ll start by signing some forms to state any medical history and you can use this opportunity to talk about any concerns you have or questions you’d like to ask. As a class, we’ll usually begin by having a thought of the day and have a little discussion about that. We’ll then move on to a guided relaxation, then our asanas (postures) before ending with a guided meditation.

What is Yoga?

Most know yoga as postures (asana) for exercise with emphasis on breathing (pranayama)  which is correct but it’s only part of the story! The other 6 ‘limbs of yoga’ are : the Yamas (restraints), niyamas (observances),  pratyahara  (withdrawal of senses), dharana (concentration), dhyani (meditation), and samadhi (absorption). These limbs help us to create balance and unite opposites. Yoga isn’t associated with any form of religion and the learner can choose to just practice the asanas and pranayama although it’s recommended for true life changing transformation to incorporate all of the teachings (which is always a work in progress)!

Do I have to be flexible?

Not at all. And that’s why blocks, straps, and chairs are used for support. The goal of yoga isn’t about being the most flexible, strongest, fittest or fastest.   With continual practice of course, it will build up flexibility, stamina, strength both in mind and body.  During your sessions, you will work with your body’s current capabilities and learn the art of listening to your needs.

What do I wear & bring to yoga class?

Wear something that is easy to move in – leggings, Hareem pants and jogging bottoms are most common.  Please bring socks to wear for hygiene purposes since we are using studio equipment.  All equipment is provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

Who is the yoga teacher?

Chelsea is based in the Ceiriog Valley and has been personally practicing yoga for 10+ years.   Tired of being in front of computer screen all day, yoga was a way to put some much needed space back into her mind and body.  She completed her teacher training in Autumn 2019. She’s inspired by the great outdoors, mindfulness and nature stories.

Why should I do yoga?

Because movement is GOOD for you!  Yoga specifically not only helps to calm the mind and expand the lungs which is great for those with anxiety, nerves and stress related symptoms but it also tones the muscles, looks after the joins, ligaments and bones.  There are tons of reason why yoga is good for you but come and see for yourself! 🙂

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