Wild swimming adventure

Lakeside yoga & meditation

Swim, dip, paddle, splash, float - whatever takes your fancy. Open water in a lake is not to be taken lightly and swimming safety is imperative to Loving Life in Wellies. There's no pressure to go out of your depth or swim a certain way, enjoy a guided swim however you like with the safety of a wild swimming coach. 

Wild swimming Snowdonia

Why snowdonia?

Adventures galore!

North Wales has some of the most picturesque lakes and landscapes in the UK, with Llyn Padarn, Llyn Dinas, and Llyn Tegid being the more popular lakes to try cold water swimming due to their vastness yet ease of access. We only disclose our Snowdonia swim locations to those who have booked on, in a bid to keep our gatherings small and private, with a thought for the environment but we also swim in other parts of North Wales such as the River Dee.

Treat yourself to a micro-adventure

Our open water days are all about connecting with your inner and outer landscape – you are encouraged to go at your pace and be mindful of others as everyone’s swimming journey is unique.   We love to combine gentle and mindful yoga with our wild swimming to help the body warm up post-swim, and there’s always a Kelly Kettle brew! 

Whilst a wild swim may be beneficial, outdoor swimming isn’t a mentally easy task for everyone – there are fears and phobias around water! All levels are welcome on our guided lake days but we especially encourage those who are new or who have never dared to wild swim before. As we want to provide a safe and supportive environment in a calm and tranquil swimming spot to give you a great first impression. 

Cold Water Therapy

guided wild swimming snowdonia

Cold water benefits

  • Cold-water immersion is known to boost dopamine-‘happy hormone’- levels by 530%.
  • Open-water swimming can be used to soothe some cases of depression.
  • Cold-water immersion invigorates the immune system and increases the white blood cell count and antioxidants.
  • Cold-water immersion after exercise can lead to decreased inflammation and pain for up to 24 hours after a workout.

Frequently asked questions

Please bring clothes / swimming costume / wetsuit you don’t mind getting wet and the same for footwear – something with a thick sole like a trainer or wetshoes. 

Tow floats and yoga mats can be provided but please bring them if you already have them. 

Warm clothes, hat, gloves, a towel, snacks, food, water, personal medication and a first aid kit is advisable. 


For safety reasons, you’ll need to be able to swim without assistance. 

This does mean you’ve to be an olypmic swimmer!  But please let us know your swimming abilities at the time of booking. 

No. For swimming, a bathing suit and footwear you don’t mind getting wet is just fine. Some choose to have a neoprene jacket to keep their arms warm. You are welcome to bring your own wetsuit.


Yes – it’s our hope that if coming alone, you’ll meet some likeminded people for future adventures!  Equally if you bring a friend – the more merrier. 

We tend to take no more than 8 people due to environmental impact.

Yes! To make it affordable we take a deposit and can offer installments.