Yoga classes

in Glyn Ceiriog

Creating a mindful, positive way to relax the body, lift the mood and expand your capacity for enjoyment.

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Beginner Hatha Yoga

Combining movement and breathing for a gentle stretch and strengthening and is suitable for all abilities but definitely those new to the practice!

Tuesday evenings @ Canolfan

Join me in the beautiful Ceiriog Valley at the local community centre for beginner yoga. To keep groups small, I have a 6-7pm & 7-8.15pm class £7 pp or £6.50 for block bookings. 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You would love a class where you feel like you don’t have to keep up with the other students and teachers. 

You don’t want to learn handstands or headstands but soothing and functional movements instead.

Yoga isn’t just about the movement, you want to learn how to apply the teachings to your everyday life. 

You want to learn in a calm environment where you can also have a giggle.

You’d like to be part of a class an inclusive class with all shapes, sizes and ages. 

It's more than a bodily workout

Yoga has always been more than just exercise. It’s said that yoga movements were used to exhaust the body to prepare the mind for meditation.  Equally, yoga can be used as a physical exercise alone. However, many benefit particularly mentally from incorporating the other principles of this ancient tradition. 


Everybody welcome

Variety is the spice of life. There’s so much value and learning in practicing yoga with all ages, shapes, sizes, levels and abilities all together in a loving, accepting and mindful way. 

Frequently asked questions

New Rd, Glyn Ceiriog, Llangollen LL20 7HE

In most cases no. I use an online booking system which takes online payment including Paypal. 

The natural world is full of sensory engaging seasonal rhythms and rituals which reminds us everything has a process, and we can’t force or rush our hopes, dreams and desires.

A yoga retreat set in nature will:

  • Encourage you to pause and listen to your mind and body.
  • Help you to breathe slowly and deeply promoting feelings of calm.
  • Enable you to a break away from distraction, FOMO and technology.
  • Provide your mind and body with lots of open, fresh and clean spaces.
  • Invite other likeminded people into your life.

A yoga mat, cushion or yoga block, and a blanket is advisable and can be provided but please bring your own if you have them. 

Hatha yoga with an element of mindfulness because it’s slow in pace and gentle in nature and perfect for all abilities but certaintly beginners and novices. 

Anything which is comfortable and you can easily move in.  Please bring layers with you as there are times in our practice where we invite stillness and you’ll need to keep warm.