Yoga classes


To make yoga accessible, affordable, and welcoming to everyone - no matter what age, shape or size. To soothe the soul and restore sanity.

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Hatha Yoga

An opportunity to spend an hour in a quiet space where we’ll learn the art of relaxation through gentle movement and mobility-focused poses (asana) to improve posture and decrease stress. 

Open Space Studios

Yoga classes for beginners are held at the community interest company Open Space Studios (nr Oswestry  library). With 2 large studios, and plenty of space to read, dance, craft and relax, it’s the perfect space to look after your mental health.

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You would love a class where you feel like you don’t have to keep up with the other students and teachers. 

You don’t want to learn handstands or headstands but soothing and functional movements instead.

Yoga isn’t just about the movement, you want to learn how to apply the teachings to your everyday life. 

You want to learn in a calm environment where you can also have a giggle.

You’d like to be part of a class an inclusive class with all shapes, sizes and ages. 

More than just exercise

Yoga has always been more than just exercise. It’s said that yoga movements were used to exhaust the body to prepare the mind for meditation.  Equally, yoga can be used as a physical exercise alone. However, many benefit particularly mentally from incorporating the other principles of this ancient tradition to help you find your daily calm, strength and joy on and off the mat. 

Monday yoga

Join me and my support labrador at 1.30 pm for an hour’s gentle flow to stretch your mind and body and ultimately leave feeling motivated for the week ahead!

How much are yoga classes?

Each class is £5pp and includes yoga mats, blocks and blankets but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Yoga workshops

Are you completely new to yoga and would like to come to class but feel as though you need to learn the basics? Perhaps you feel too self-conscious to practice in front of others?

1-2-1 yoga classes are available or why not bring a friend? These sessions can be used however you like and tailored to your specific health needs. 

Friday mindfulness & yoga classes

Dive deeper into mindfulness and learn how to use it on and off the mat at 1.15pm (£3.50). 

Bringing all the cosy and chilled vibes at 1.45 pm (£5) for a restful inspired slow yoga practice.  

Everybody welcome

Variety is the spice of life. There’s so much value and learning in practicing yoga with all ages, shapes, sizes, levels and abilities all together in a loving, accepting and mindful way. 

Guided meditation

Why Yoga Nidra

 If you’d like to sleep better, soothe anxiety,  increase concentration and lower stress then Nidra is a form of meditation that requires you to carefully listen to a specific set of instructions that allow your brain waves to mellow and your entire body to rest.  I host a monthly Friday evening Nidra at Open Space.

Frequently asked questions

Please bare in mind you’ll need to keep yourself warm and or/cool so ideally removable layers and one that are easy to move in. 

Yes always to ensure groups are kept small and there’s enough numbers to run the class. 

Yes! I teach Hatha with a mindfulness twist because it’s slow in nature and gentle in pace and perfect for all abilities but specifically for beginners / novices. 

Offices Above, Library, Arthur St, Oswestry SY11 1JN. There is paid parking across the street.