Welcome to our inclusive space, a kind community dedicated to help you to slow down, and provide you with accountability and momentum for mindful living. Whether you join us in person for our monthly sessions or participate through Zoom, we ensure that no matter where you are, you have a strong network of like-minded individuals. There is a Whatsapp group for each of the circles should you want further connection and support.

Wild at Heart💚

Monthly in person gatherings

Corwen, nr Llangollen

Join our thriving in-person circle of diverse and supportive ladies at an off gird location usually on a Thursday 7-9pm. Come every month or drop in when you can. Express emotions, discuss desires, and celebrate each season in a friendly space. Experience genuine connection, authentic conversations, and belonging. Nurture your soul, gain insights, and create lasting memories with us.


My mission is to bring women together to connect with themselves and nature while embracing the art of slowing down. I provide a sanctuary for self-care, reflection, and mindful living. Through immersive experiences, we nurture a deep appreciation for nature and guide individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Join us as we find serenity within, forge connections with nature, and embrace the beauty of slowing down. Together, we will create a balanced existence grounded in authenticity, harmony, and the present moment.

Gentle Soul Collective

Bi-weekly zoom gatherings

slow living
Indian head massage Oswestry

Our Zoom meets offer the perfect solution for those seeking a held space within the comfort of their surroundings.  Like our in-person meet-ups, our virtual sessions will revolve around specific themes, ensuring a meaningful experience for all participants to share and grow.

Frequently asked questions

A woman’s circle is an opportunity to gather with other women and those identify as female, from all backgrounds, walks of life and faiths. It’s a space to offer support, feel supported, connect, ground, learn from one another and honour the seasons.


In person gatherings are held in a simple cabin with a log fire at eco-glamping site  The Forge in Corwen. I’ve chosen this venue because the owners feel passionate about preserving and rewilding our natural world and that is something I feel strongly about.

Our online gatherings will be held on Zoom. 

For women, or those who identify as a woman, and are over the age of 16. 

Sturdy walking boots since the cabin is in a field. Dress warm and comfortable. We’ll be sitting on the floor so please bring a mat, cushions, blankets, a journal and a pen. Also, bring your own cup, tea/coffee is supplied.

For Zoom sessions, please be in a confortable and quiet space, bring whatever you need including something to write in. 

No. This circle is to enable us to feel at home in nature, marking the seasons and to encourage us to slow down. Although it draws references to many of the eastern and ancient traditions and beliefs. Any faith (spiritual or none spiritual) is welcome.

Me! Althought sometimes we will have guest hosts.