SUP Yoga


In the mood for gentle movement, deep breathing and nature-infused floating meditations on board, a paddleboard on calm water? My SUP Yoga sessions are built for nervous newbies and beginners who want to soak up the physical fitness & mental health benefits of slowing down in nature. I am a qualified BCAB Level 1 Stand Up Paddleboarding instructor.

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What is SUP Yoga?

SUP yoga or paddle board yoga uses a paddle board on the water to practice movements rather than a yoga mat on dry land – think of it as a floating yoga mat. The wide and grippy deck pad cushions your body for a more comfortable yoga session. For extra safety you will be wearing a buoyancy aid and a leash to support and enable you to stay with your SUP board should you lose your balance and make a splash.

There's no pressure to stand up!

SUP Yoga isn’t just for an experienced yogi or yogini. In the yoga world, there’s a misconception that yoga poses mean gymnastics and especially when combined with a stand-up paddleboard! For me, yoga practice is so much more than fancy movement and amazing balance. 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You have little experience being on a paddleboard or you’ve been on one a lot but haven’t moved around much other than sitting, kneeling and standing. 

You can swim comfortably but feel nervous about being on the water and don’t want to fall in. 

Being by water makes you feel calm and serene but you don’t get time to make it a priority. 

You either love trying new things or you need some encouragement but once you’re there, you’re glad you did it. 


Blue spaces - a secret to happiness

& why a SUP yoga class could be right for you

Science has shown for over a decade being by the water is good for the body and mind: from higher levels of vitamin D to better social relations.

Water has a meditative quality as observing it, helps you to immerse yourself in the moment, and being in the moment cultivates focus and mindfulness which decreases the constant worry of what if.

On the water:

  • Explore breathing techniques to improve lung health.
  • Learn gentle yoga asana which increases your SUP fitness.
  • Understand how the water effects a pose and what you’ll need to do to modify for a comfortable SUP yoga session.

SUP Yoga Benefits

SUP Yoga Wrexham

It’s great for fitness since it’s a physical and mental workout but with lots of lovely care and attention applied at all times. Regular practice helps to improve core strength, spine health, and stability, increase lung capacity and confidence, not to mention clear the mind, and calm the central nervous system with the added health benefits of being in nature.


SUP Yoga Poses

Yoga asana gives you so much opportunity to modify each movement. On a SUP, I love the relaxing child’s pose, seated twists and down dog, I favour functional movement which helps with mobility and is accessible to all body shapes and sizes.  Of course, there’s the option of adding fancy moves should you want to. Essentially I like to create a pressure-free environment to encourage you to find your own balance, pace and freedom.

Frequently asked questions

It’s important to remember that my SUP yoga classes happen outside so it means the weather is a big factor!
Ideally, you’ll wear something you can easily move in like you would in a traditional yoga class.

It’s best to think about wearing layers so you can put on and take off depending on the temperature.

Usually, trainers or water shoes are worn – and you must be comfortable with them getting wet.

My SUP yoga classes are designed for complete beginners. 

It’s important to remember, you won’t be getting a paddle boarding lesson during the session. Tho we will go over some of the basics. 

We are simply using the boards as a yoga mat. 

All routines are designed for the ultimate beginner, and won’t involve much standing until you’ve been to  few sessions.

Of course, the more experienced you are – you’ll be given the option of making every pose more challenging. 

We’ll be taking everything slowly, much more slowly than we would on land! 

Yes – and one will be provided for you.  Whilst we’re close to the sure line, to minimise any risk should you fall off you will be wearing a buyincy aid and a SUP leash in order to keep your board with you.

Please bare in mind a buyoncy aid, isn’t a life jacket and you should be able to comfortably swim without support. The buyoncy aid is there to add extra support. 

Ideally,  a ‘dry bag’ to keep your water bottle, layers,  sunscreen, and any personal medication with you aswell as a change of dry clothing.  You may consider gloves, and a hat too.

Should you be bringing your own kit you must have:

  • Paddleboard
  • Paddle
  • Leash
  • Buyoncy aid 
  • A throwline (optional but recommended) 
  • SUP anchor (optional but recommended
  • Personal first aid kit  

Yes but all kit will be inspected before hand to ensure it’s suitable.

Please make sure your leash and buyoncy aid is in good condition with no obvious rips or major damage. 

You won’t be allowed on the water without these bits of important kit. 

No, these sessions are not to be confused with my yoga & SUP days with a qualified SUP instructor.  

SUP yoga will include a safety briefing and a bit of information around getting on, off and using the board effectively for yoga purposes. 

At Park in The Past CIC,  Caergwrle, Hope, Wrexham.  

With hire of board, buyoncy aid, leash and paddle = £30.

With your own kit = £20.

Private group bookings are available for more than 6 people.