in North Wales

Located in the Ceiriog and Dee Valley and Snowdonia National Park. Helping you to slow down, find a way of living that is more gentle, sustainable, and attuned to the rhythms of nature.

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Mindful walking & Yoga

Are you last up the hill? Perhaps you like to stop to take photos? Maybe you prefer a sit spot for contemplation?

Walks in the Dee Valley (AONB)

Walking or hiking doesn’t quite describe our  time outside – more like a meander, pootle or wander.  It’s true there are gentle inclines but with rewards of stunning scenery.  

Minimal effort for maximum fun

Just turn up (bring cake) and we’ll do the rest… 

It’s not about summit bagging, being the fittest, fastest or strongest. It’s the journey that counts. 

All slow adventures are created with the beginner in mind.  Gentle in pace, plenty of rest stops, and nothing but peace and quiet preferred.

Wild swimming & Yoga

Have you heard how amazing cold water is for you? Would you like a slice of the action but don’t know where to start or how to do it in a safe way?

Wild swims in Snowdonia

Wild swimming doesn’t quite describe our guided days in the Llyns of Snowdonia  – more like dipping, floating, or splashing around.  It’s true, the waters of North Wales are cold but it’s therapeutic for your mind and body (pinky promise).  You’ll learn how to wild dip safely.  

No green washing....

Everything has an impact on our planet and as a micro-business that wants to have as little impact as possible, we accept there’s always more to do. 

Here’s what we’re doing so far: 

  • Groups are kept small to minimise the land impact
  • Respecting animals and wildlife by being quiet.
  • Leave no trace picking up litter, using reusable bottles, and wearing water-friendly sunscreen. 
  •  A percentage of profits are invested back into local & environmental projects. 
  • Encouraging guests to car-share.
  • Sourcing from local businesses to reduce transport milles. 

SUP & Yoga/ SUP Yoga

Are you a nervous newbie keen not to make a splash? Perhaps you want to explore that lovely floating sensation with the breeze in your hair? Or enjoy a stretch and breathe out in nature?

Standup paddleboarding in North Wales

SUP doesn’t describe our guided days on the water.  We prefer kneel-up or laying down paddleboarding.  Either way, there’s no pressure to do anything you don’t want, other than to take it all in and enjoy.  Our guides will teach you the SUP basics on and off-board. 

There are even summer SUP yoga classes

Navigate the seasons of your life

We’re here to provide support and education to help you live a slower and calmer life by making simple but feel good changes to your daily routine to help you manage your emotional wellbeing.

Foraging & Yoga

In need of some flower power?  Maybe a fun time with fungi?

Pick your own

Curated foraging and flower walks await you on our guided days. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn new skills and indulge all of your senses in a fragrant, beautiful and often tasty way! 

Frequently asked questions

YES! All adventures are describe as slow adventures with less emphasis on the need to be physically fit and more emphasis on the mental benefits you’ll gain from slowing down.  We have all ages mostly from 35+. 

Always. Groups are kept small and places are limited. 

No but you’ll be given a list of recommended things to wear and take at the time of booking. 

LLIW is a big dog lover – we have our own support labrador. In some cases you can bring a dog but it’s limited to 2 dogs per group and it depends on which activity.  Please ask upon booking. 

At least a week’s notice must be given for a refund unless it’s concerning ill-health, bereavement or a change in circumstances. Most of the time, your deposit is non-refundable.

Yes! All slow adventures are created with the novice/beginner in mind and that’s why we used qualified guides.  Equally, if you have done this before, you’re still welcome as you may learn a new thing or two.