About Chelsea

I aspire to live life as a 'free-range' human loving life in the hills of the Ceiriog Valley near Llangollen in North East Wales with my partner and dog. I'm a qualfied yoga, mindfulness and SUP instructor.

I love to wander around Wales walking, SUP’ing and swimming but my journey hasn't always been this fun. Read on to find more about how my story is unfolding.

Connecting with nature

I grew up in a single-parent family with my loving mum and nan, in a polluted urban area with not much opportunity to access adventure or clean green spaces on a regular basis.  I was bullied as a child, and experienced suicidal thoughts and depression as a teen, and as an anxious young adult gravitated towards digital working and socialising. 

Making a shift

My mental and physical health rapidly declined due to poor coping methods such as social media, junk food and toxic relationships in my early 20s.  I welcomed a serendipitous chance to move to the countryside at first in Shropshire and then on to Wales. And of course, all wasn’t fixed overnight but it’s been here where I’ve had the chance to explore what being an anxious somewhat introverted HSP (highly sensitive person) means and the kind of life I need in order to ‘do the inner work.’

"Adapt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My story

Looking for balance

After a health scare,  I started up LLIW to encourage me to live a life founded upon moving more, breathing deeper and getting outside.   In everything I do, I take inspiration from the ebb and flow of the seasonal energies.

Discovering my Slow

Whilst nature helped me to break ties with modern-fast paced living and striving, yoga and mindfulness soothed my mental exhaustion and taught me ways to manage my emotions.  


200hr Hatha Yoga |BCAB SUP instructor | Mindfulness Practitioner | Counselling Skills | DBS checked

Bella...my Yoga dog

My support and pet labrador is the ultimate adventurer and often goes everywhere I do. She’s curious, playful and enthusiastic in nature and she adores a good snooze. She likes bananas, porridge for breakfast and carrots as treats. My hope is she’ll bring others the laughter,  love and comfort she provides me with.  

My vision

slow living

Contribute & share

My self-care is the sum of daily discoveries, choices and connections. It means taking more time, listening to my body and devoting time to people, places and projects that matter to me most.  I would like to create a community of people to contribute and share the ways in which they look after themselves and their loved ones.