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Slow & Seaonal inspired....

Yoga, adventures & retreats in North Wales.


Hello! 🙂

What started as a personal blog in 2012 to document a change of lifestyle, has slowly manifested into a way of living and working. 

From a disconnected city-girl, I’ve become a country bumpkin wannabe enjoying a slower & natural way of living.  I want to share my lifestyle with those looking to improve their mental & physical wellbeing by using yoga & ecotherapy as an antidote.

Chelsea x


Slow & seasonal living

A holistic & reflective lifestyle drawing upon natural remedies, ancient wisdom & rhythms.  Nourishing & savouring each moment come rain or shine. 

This way of living helps to promote:

  • Mental resilience 
  • Calm + clear thinking
  • Easier breathing
  • Better sleep quality 
  • Life satisfaction

how can I help?

what's your next step?


Gently move…

Hatha yoga classes & workshops for every body.  Located in Llangollen at the Verve Health studio.


Find a slower pace…

Disconnect from being busy, allow nature to reset & relax you, whilst  helping you to build better habits.


Meet new people…

Life’s better with like-minded souls. Beginner (& some dog) friendly days out in the countryside.


build a life around nature

The concept of Loving Life in Wellies is fuelled by Ecotherapy.  This practice uses a variety of natural world activities to improve mental & physical wellbeing. 

So far, studies suggest that ecotherapy improves mood, boosts self confidence, encourages peer support,  reduces feelings of stress & anger.

I love to use the natural landscapes of the Ceiriog and Dee valley to inspire inner calm, clarity & focus. 

1 in 6.8 people will experience mental health at work (Mental Health Org)
1 in 4 people will have a significant mental health issue in any one year (Mind)
More than a 1/3
of us have felt depressed due to feeling alone (ONS)
4 days immersed in nature boosts creative problem solving (Plus one)
Over half agreed that ecotherapy is a valid treatment for anxiety (Mind)
Yoga helps to relieve tension (Eventbrite)
Relaxation in the Central Nervous System increased whilst in forestry settings (Chiba Uni)



  • 18+  female 
  • Lives in an urban area
  • Dislikes large groups in social settings
  • Stressful life and career
  • Would like to improve mental wellbeing
  • Craves more green time
  • Wants to slow but don’t know how
  • Lacks confidence in trying new things
  • Wants to meet like minded people
" This is an amazing experience and so relaxing, I properly meditated in this highly recommended session. Chelsea is fabulous." - Kate


what would you like to know?

Back when I lived in a busy built up area,  as a relief I would visit friends for weekend adventures on their farm. But usually in ridiculously unsuitable footwear.

After too many ankle incidents I was gifted a pair of wellies! 

The name wasn’t just down to wearing wellies,  it was more about what fun I had whilst wearing them & those feelings stuck with me.

Fun fact… I don’t currently own any wellies. 

My own personal experiences.. 

Trying new things is uncomfortable for me. Taking up yoga, paddle boarding and hiking certainly didn’t feel natural! I’ve always been over cautious, stuck in my own ways and somewhat lacking in confidence in my abilities.   

Over the years, I’ve dedicated my free time to learning about human psychology.  I am a qualified mindfulness practitioner and I’m studying my counselling therapy certificates so I feel I’m better equipped to offer support and encouragement. 

It certainly isn’t. I champion diversity & inclusion. 

Due to sleeping arrangements however, retreats are only suitable for those who identify as female. 

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