Due to Covid-19 all social gatherings + classes are put on hold until further notice.

Whilst all in person classes are on hold, I’ve set up a FREE Facebook group where you can access short and beginner friendly slow yoga tutorials.

Yoga, Slow Adventures & Rural Retreats – North Wales

Are you feeling stiff?

Gently move...

Hatha yoga classes & workshops for every body.  Located in Llangollen at the Verve Health studio.

Are you feeling stressed?

Find a slower pace...

Find your slow pace + get back to nature with a rural inspired retreats in North Wales.

Are you feeling Disinterested?

See new sights...

Affordable, beginner friendly days out in North Wales (some dog friendly).

Loving Life in Wellies was created by me Chelsea as a personal blog in 2012, to document my story of a stressed out disconnected city girl, to a country-bumpkin wannabe craving a simpler & slower way of living in North Wales.   Over the years of  experiencing ‘the good life’ I want to share it with those who are seeking a mentally & physically healthier way of living using the natural world as an antidote.

Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies

Ecotherapy –  Food for Thought!

Ecotherapy is the name given to a variety of treatments that aims to improve physical & mental wellbeing through the use of activities involving the natural world.    It’s a fast growing field of research and so far, studies suggest that ecotherapy improves mood, boosts self confidence, encourages peer support and reduces feelings of stress and anger.

1 in 6.8 people are experiencing mental health issues in the workplace (mental health org) 0
1 in 4 people will experience a significant mental health problem in any one year (mind) 0
More than a third of us have felt depressed due to feeling alone 0
4 days immersed in nature boosts creative problem solving (plus one) 0
Over half agreed that ecotherapy is a valid treatment for anxiety 0
Yoga helps to relieve tension (Eventbrite) 0
The part of Central Nervous System responsible for relaxation increased by over half whilst being in forestry settings (Chiba University) 0
Chelsea yoga in Llangollen

Nice words….

This is an amazing experience and so relaxing. I properly meditated in this highly recommended session. Chelsea is fabulous.


Chelsea lead the retreat group on a mindfulness walk through the countryside. It wasn't about the distance we travelled or where we were headed, but instead allowed us to slow, pause and really connect with the natural world. With Chelsea's encouragement the group explore the power and energy of objects in nature, and we ended by each hugging a tree! It was a wonderfully calm and nourishing way to spend the a morning, and Chelsea's friendly, knowledgable and personal approach worked perfectly.

Eleanor Cheetham

I had my first yoga session last night and I have to say it was amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. cannot wait to go again next Wednesday.

Emma B

I attended Chelsea's social sup meet up at Bala Lake, I had a great time on the SUP and a swim and good chat to follow 👌🏼 Can't wait to meet up again and also looking forward to a yoga session soon.

Sarah M

Myself and My Bois attended the social event at the Oswestry Climbing Den that Chelsea had arranged on Saturday Evening. Chelsea was as welcoming and as lovely as ever, as was Tara. I'm so glad we went as we had a great night there...even if my arms still know about it 3 days later! Thanks again Chelsea. See you soon hopefully! Cer x

Cerys L


Who is Loving Life in Wellies aimed at?

Anyone who wants a slower, simpler and seasonal way of experiencing life with like minded folks in the wild North Wales landscape.

What's the story behind the name?

Prior to moving to the countryside I’d visit friends for weekend adventures in unsuitable footwear! After too many ankle incidents, I was gifted a pair of wellies.

Is this site for women only?

I welcome everyone. Due to sleeping arrangments however, the retreats are female only.

What makes Loving Life in Wellies different to any other health + lifestyle biz?

My personal experiences.

I didn’t easily take to the outdoors or yoga. I had many fears and phobias.  I know how scary it feels towards trying new things!  Therefore I feel I can apply that understanding to others.  I also know how rewarding it can be to step out of comfort zones and benefit from simple pleasures among nature and I want to invite others to enjoy that too.


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