Yoga, gatherings & retreats

in North Wales

In a chaotic, over-scheduled society, learn to slow your own personal rhythms and discover how putting your mental and physical wellbeing first, feels.

Working alongside

Just breathe in: and when you're ready, breathe out

Creating pockets of peace

You’re busy. You don’t have time for anything else. But you’re tired… and stressed… and anxious.  There’s no quick fix but I can show you restorative habits for your mind, body and essence.  Through my own experience of mental health, I am inspired to share what’s been my soothing tonic. 

What is slow living

& why is it essential in the modern world?

Despite what social media depicts,  slow living isn’t a secluded woodland cabin, hens roaming free or living off homegrown produce.  To slowly live is to experience what life looks and feels like with intention and thoughtfulness at the core;  living and loving life in tune with our emotions, values and needs while moving away from the ideas of power, pressure and perfection. 

Yoga in Chirk, Llangollen, Glyn Ceiriog & Oswestry

Beginner yoga classes

My classes have a focus on easing anxiety, aiding sleep and improving mobility.  They’re suitable for those with injuries from the likes of gardening and outdoor sports. During the summer we take to the great outdoors in the Dee Valley and raise money for charity.

Private yoga parties

Fancy some fun with a healthy side order of calm? My yoga parties in and around Llangollen are ideal for birthday parties, hen-dos and other special occasions.

Why nature matters to our mental health

Ecopsychology focuses on studying the bond between humans and the earth. It highlights how time spent outdoors can lower stress, enhance immunity, reduce anxiety and improve mood. 

  • Nature connectedness is associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety levels. (Mental health foundation)
  • Clean natural areas are linked to lower rates of depression. (Mind)
  • Natural environments improve working memory, cognitive flexibility and attentional control. (
  • Being in nature can improve confidence and self-esteem while reducing anger and frustration. (Mind)

Yoga retreats in North Wales

Explore your sense of slow adventure and indulge in a digital detox through handpicked experiences and places that give back to the environment.

Do as little as you like

You will have a choice of included activities and can arrange your day as you so wish so that it reflects what matters to you most. 

Discover new ways of exploring yourself...

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” – Shunryu Suzuki

You’re invited to let go of your expectations for how you think life should be and welcome in the possibilities. 

Gatherings in North Wales

We hold a range of immersive day retreats and weekend gatherings for those who want to build confidence and try something new in a supportive environment with our trained and qualified female guides. 

Yoga & meditation combined with...

Frequently asked questions

To ultimately help others to slow down and get outside. My chosen methods are through mindful movement and nature therapy. 

After a life in a built-up area, I was fortunate enough to meet friends in my early 20s who lived on a smallholding and after many wonderful adventures but involving ankle incidents (thanks to wrong footwear), I was gifted wellies! The memories I made in those wellies, inspired the name you see today.

Yes. In fact, my mission is to get those very people into the outdoors mindfully moving, experiencing nature and having lots of fun along the way. 

Yes. Groups are kept small so places are always limited. 

Yes! Most people do and meet friends during. Equally, you’re more than welcome to bring someone along. 

Most of the time no. But you’ll be emailed with what you’ll need to bring. 

I encourage all genders and non-binary people to come on to events and retreats. My aim is to provide a safe space for all.  It’s always a work in progress and I’m happy to be guided by those who feel they can impart some of their wisdom to help me run inclusive exeperiences.

No. I’m not qualified to diagnose or advise regarding any mental health conditions. I am however a fully trained yoga and mindfulness practitioner which means there’s always a large mental health element in our practice.  However, I can only talk about my personal experiences in a bid to provide some inspiration.  If you are unsure about how to keep yourself safe please see this list of appropriate contacts.